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Working in the engineering or fabrication industry, you know that you need Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing knowledge. The problem is that all the GD&T training programs are overly complex, overly priced, and try to cram in every possible thing about GD&T that you will never use in the real world.

Our goal is to teach you exactly what you need to apply GD&T in the real world – not just in theory. We break down these complex topics into easy-to-learn concepts. We won’t overwhelm you by covering every rarely-used topic about GD&T. We aim to eliminate all the problems associated with expensive, over-complicated training and give you a solid foundation of GD&T knowledge that can be applied to your work right away.

How do we know what you are going to use?

Our course development team consists of design engineers and CNC machinists who have years of experience in the automotive and fabrication industries.

We discovered that despite the differences in the fields we are in, we all focused on the same few elements of GD&T over and over. While sometimes we came across more complex elements of GD&T in our jobs, 90% of the time we relied on the same core concepts.

Our course focuses on these important concepts to make sure you gain the skills and confidence to apply GD&T at work. We have helped hundreds of individuals and groups improve their GD&T knowledge to advance their careers and improve their companies' bottom lines.

So - What are you waiting for? - go ahead and get started!

- Instructor: Tom Geiss
- Instructor: Tom Geiss
Founder - Pareto Learning / Lead Course Developer GD&T Basics

I have been in the field of Automotive Engineering with several companies including BMW Manufacturing and ZF Transmissions for over 8 years and truly love it. It is fast paced and an incredible field to be in. The ability to work on something for years and then actually get to see it out on the road is very rewarding.

My love of engineering led me to study the fundamentals of what makes a good design. Throughout my entire career, I have been studying Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing and how it could be better applied to the automotive and mechanical fields.

It is my belief that if you want to be a great designer, you need to be an expert at GD&T. However, for too long GD&T learning has been way too complicated. The barrier to entry for learning imperative design concepts is too high. In my early years, I continued to study in order to bridge the large gap between GD&T in theory and actually using GD&T in the real world. Everything came together for me when I figured out how GD&T concepts apply to real parts and their functional requirements. Years later, this prompted me to develop GD&T Basics, which explains the most important concepts and show learners how to apply what they learn in practical, real-world situations.

Tom Geiss & Matt Derr - Course Instructors

Course Curriculum

How to Use Our Course Platform
Welcome To The Course
How to Navigate the Course
Quick Survey on Your GD&T Experience
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Course Resources
Overview of Course Resources
GD&T Basics Curriculum
GD&T Basics Premium Wall Chart
Course Change Log
General Help Forum
All Course Review Handouts (For Printing)
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Section 1: Introduction To GD&T
Course Introduction
Course Introduction Quiz
What is GD&T?
Review Handout - What is GD&T
What is GD&T? - Quiz
Course Terminology
Review Handout - Course Terminology
Terminology and Drawing Rules - Quiz
Introduction to GD&T Forum
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Section 2: Features and Rules of GD&T
Intro to Features and Material Condition
Review Handout - Features Overview
Intro to Features - Quiz
Rule # 1 (Envelope Principle)
Review Handout - Rule #1 Envelope Principle
Rule #1 Envelope Principle - Quiz
Maximum Material Condition
Review Handout - Maximum Material Condition
Least Material Condition
Review Handout - Least Material Condition
Material Modifiers and Bonus Tolerance - Quiz
RFS and Rule 2
Review Handout - Rule #2- RFS
RFS and Rule #2 - Quiz
The Feature Control Frame
Feature Control Frame - Handout
Review Handout - Feature Control Frame
Feature Control Frame - Quiz
Rules and Material Conditions Forum
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Section 3: Datum Control
Intro to Datums
Review Handout - Intro to Datums
Intro to Datums - Quiz
Datum Reference Frame
Review Handout - Datum Reference Frame
Primary Datum Controls
Primary Datum Controls Handout
Datum Reference Frame - Quiz
Max Material Boundary (MMB) Intro
Review Handout - MMB Intro
Intro to MMB - Quiz
Datum Targets
Review Handout - Datum Targets
Datum Targets - Quiz
Datum Controls Forum
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Section 4: Adding GD&T to a Drawing
SLOF Part 1 - S & L
SLOF Part 2 - O & F
GD&T Symbols Using SLOF
Review Handout - SLOF
SLOF - Quiz
GD&T Drawing Overview Forum
Core Rules and Concepts Survey
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Section 5: Form Tolerances
Surface Straightness
Review Handout - Surface Straightness
DML Straightness Part 1
DML Straightness Part 2
Review Handout - Straightness DML
Straightness - Quiz
Flatness (Surface)
Review Handout - Surface Flatness
DMP Flatness Part 1
DMP Flatness Part 2
Review Handout - Flatness DMP
Flatness - Quiz
Circularity vs Diameter Handout
Review Handout - Circularity
Circularity - Quiz
Review Handout - Cylindricity
Cylindricity - Quiz
Questions about Form Tolerances
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Section 6: Orientation Tolerances
Parallelism (Surface)
Review Handout - Parallelism (Surface)
Parallelism: Surface - Quiz
Parallelism (FOS)
Review Handout - Parallelism (FOS)
Parallelism: (FOS) - Quiz
Perpendicularity (Surface)
Review Handout - Perpendicularity (Surface)
Perpendicularity: Surface - Quiz
Perpendicularity (FOS)
Review Handout - Perpendicularity (FOS)
Perpendicularity: FOS - Quiz
Review Handout - Angularity
Angularity - Quiz
Orientation Tolerances Forum
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Section 7: Profile Tolerances
Profile of a Surface - Basics
Review Handout - Profile of a Surface
Profile of a Line
Review Handout - Profile of a Line
Profile - Special Modifiers
Review Handout - Profile Modifiers
Profile - Quiz
Profile Tolerance Forum
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Section 8: Tolerances of Location
True Position
Review Handout - True Position
GD&T Position vs. Coordinate Dimensions
Review Handout - Position vs Coordinate
True Position - Quiz
Review Handout - Concentricity
Concentricity - Quiz
Review Handout - Symmetry
Symmetry - Quiz
Location Tolerances Forum
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Section 9: Runout Tolerances
Review Handout - Runout
Total Runout
Review Handout - Total Runout
Runout - Quiz
Runout Questions Forum
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Section 10: Course Conclusion & FAQ
Course FAQ
Final Survey
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