Print Reading and Tolerances

Misinterpreting technical prints can cause communication breakdowns, costly downtime, and frustrating disagreements.

Our Print Reading and Tolerances course makes it easy to read, interpret, and understand technical prints. We break down the complexities of engineering drawings into key concepts that apply to every print, using a mix of documented standards, shop floor knowledge, and real-world examples. This introductory course equips you to work with actual engineering drawings by teaching a proven process to interpret prints the right way every time.

GD&T Fundamentals

Curated to teach only the concepts and terminology necessary to do your job better & improve your manufacturing operation.

GD&T Fundamentals teaches a simple framework that allows students to not only understand how GD&T is used, but also why GD&T improves the manufacturing process. The course is focused on practical knowledge and uses real-world examples from our clients as instructional tools.

Brands Using Our GD&T Training Course

What Will I Gain from GD&T Training?

  • Simplified Understanding

    Combat confusion by learning a simple approach to GD&T that will help you make the right engineering decisions without overcomplicating things.

  • Practical Applications

    Gain confidence using GD&T on real-world examples focused on practical applications, instead of memorizing rules and theories you’ll never use.

  • Flexible Access

    Progress at your own pace with 24x7 access to our video-on-demand GD&T training from any device—making training convenient for your busy schedule.

  • Interactive Learning

    Acquire a working knowledge of GD&T through instructional videos, quizzes, study guides, and a final exam, plus access to a Q&A forum.

  • Expert Instruction

    Learn best practices firsthand from Senior-Level GD&T Certified instructors who can relate to your job challenges and support your progress.

  • Resume-Ready Skills

    Boost your resume with a GD&T certificate of completion that strengthens your engineering credentials with skills you’ll actually use on the job.

Bonus material

Include with ALL online course options

  • Webinars

    Monthly live webinars and access to our library of previously recorded webinars reviewing design, production, and inspection walk-throughs - answering frequently asked questions.

  • Direct Instructor Support

    Email support, directly from our ASME Senior-Level Certified instructors, with access to student Q&A forum to view previous asked and answered questions throughout each lesson.

  • Video Question Line

    If you reach out to our instructors through our question hotline, they might reply via email or with a quick video explanation as part of our video question line.